ליהי סבג

Producers. Directors. Screenwriters. Editors.

Cinematographers. Film. Television. Animation.

(The Jerusalem Filmmakers Guild is) An independent professional-community organization that was established with the mandate of strengthening the cinema and television industry in Jerusalem, benefiting the city’s artists while promoting culture and encouraging solidarity among its members. Unique, high-quality artists have been working in Jerusalem for many years. The closing of studios, post-production houses, and cinemas in both East and West Jerusalem, and the transfer of broadcasting networks out of the city, negatively impacted the livelihood of hundreds of Jerusalem’s staff members in the field, and the population of artists in the city declined. At the same time, substantial budgets intended to support television series and films produced in Jerusalem, were allocated primarily to artists and staff members from overseas or from Tel Aviv. These circumstances highlighted the need for a representative community organization, resulting in the establishment of the guild. The city’s varied populations, and its heterogeneous social, economic and political environment, touch on key issues in Israeli, Palestinian, and Arab society, and the Middle East in general. Thus, Jerusalemite artists’ unique, essential, insider’s perspective is of great importance to both Israeli and Palestinian cinema, and is a cultural asset that must be maintained.


The Jerusalem Filmmakers Guild works to protect the professional interests of its members by encouraging employment of Jerusalemite staff, effecting significant change in the distribution of resources allocated to cinematic creativity in the city, and building sustainable economic and social infrastructures. Maintaining a community of cinematic and television artists in both East and West Jerusalem, and the existence of an active and professional community of artists, is in everyone’s interest. In order to create a warm and supportive environment based upon partnership and mutual responsibility, the guild initiates community and professional activities for Arabic-speaking filmmakers in East and West Jerusalem. These initiatives, and support for local artistic activity, will advance not only the guild’s members, but also Jerusalem’s cultural life, for the benefit of the city’s residents. Encouraging Jerusalemite creativity is critical to strengthening the city’s culture, art, and education, for the sake of coming generations.


מעל 150

יוצרים ואנשי צוות ירושלמים

מחפשים מפיק? עוזר צלם? תסריטאי?

צרו קשר עם האיגוד ונקשר אתכם לבעלי המקצוע הטובים ביותר.






לילות רמדאן: הקרנות סרטים דוברי ערבית כל לילה בעשר בימק"א

מוחמד ואנה - האומץ להציל

הקרנה בסינמטק ירושלים לרגל יום השואה

העירוב של ירושלים: ערב קולנוע ניסיוני של סטודנטים ירושלמים ויוצרים עצמאיים 


אירועים קרובים


חדשות האיגוד

لا توجد منشورات بهذه اللغة حتى الآن

הנהלת האיגוד

ועד מנהל

אלי אביר, תמר גן-צבי, מיקי כהן-ברלב, אלי לוי, עמרי לוי, ניסים נוטריקה, רון עופר, איילת עפרים, אורן רייך, רועי שר

ניהול פרוייקטים 

אדם בן דוד

פרוייקטים חינוכיים 

שלי רנן קוריס

פרוייקטים חברתיים

נחמה יהושפט 

קשרי קהילה

רחלי שץ


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